Sourcing is key to what we do here at Target Markets. Speculation is as rife as ever about which are good overseas markets to invest in and which aren’t. We prefer to deal in facts. Every market has it’s advantages and disadvantages and new laws such as those effecting  landlords in the UK is a good illustration of how up to date market knowledge and research is a paramount where and what to invest in.

You will often hear opinion on one particular market or other as the new property “hot-spot”. When you speak to people about their investment goals, period of investment, exit strategy in terms of domestic resale and other investment fundamentals, it becomes clear that sometimes people can enter a property investment without the due consideration of exactly what it is that they wish to achieve and whether that market will realistically offer the investor the desired return and/or outcome. We source investment opportunities from over 20 different countries world-wide. It will depend upon the investor and their particular circumstances as to which investment will be the most rewarding and profitable for them.

The commonality in the developments and properties that we source is that we believe in the development and the market-place. Some developments are in emerging markets where there is less proven stability but where the potential gains are optimised and can be delivered more quickly. Some markets will offer investors a very reliable medium to longer term gain with low risk. Some markets will maximise gearing potential where bulk purchasers can secure more units with a smaller up-front personal investment. The list goes on. We source properties with some of the highest rental yields and capital gains available.


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